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The Leake family is not a new technology company with 5-20 years of history & experience, we can go back seven generations to the early 1840s with our roots originating in Kingston Upon Hull in the United Kingdom, and not simply as monumental stonemasons but that of professional sculptors creating many public as well as personal works of art.

There has been Peter Robson Leake (b.1810) George Henry Leake (b.1840), George and Albert Leake, A. Leake & Sons, Percy Robson Leake (b.1886), P. R. Leake & Son and to this today Leake's Masonry Ltd which is still located where it began in 1920.

A significant change to our business started in the 1950s with Peter Robson Leake (b.1924) who started importing marble direct from Italy from the then company Bernardi & Foci, latterly Bernardi Marmi. During the 1960s he imported from several other countries including India, Poland & Portugal however it was the purchase of the large Hull, U.K. granite & marble wholesaler Walton Goody & Cripps (1933) Ltd (WGC) in 1968 that altered this business's course since in the same year Peter's son, Peter Richard (b.1952), joined the business as an apprentice.

In the mid 1970s after having completed his apprenticeship as a Master Mason, Richard went to Carrara, Italy, to work in the marble sawmills & experience the everyday life of buying and selling stone at an international level. This was particularly notable since it was shortly after the first oil crisis and suddenly Carrara was awash with monied people wanting to spend their new-found wealth. Whilst living there he visited the marble fair at Sant'Ambroggio Di Valpolicella which his parents had visited 10 years previously for the inaugural fair, this is now the annual MarmoMacc fair held in Verona which Richard still attends every year.

That fair struck a light in Richard's head, one that would not go away even to this day. Richard returned to the U.K. in 1977 to take over the running of WGC and expanded sales rapidly and quickly became the #1 U.K. monumental wholesaler regularly shipping 2,000 memorials per month. At the same time he had also become very acquainted with his premium Indian granite supplier and they discussed many different ideas of how to increase production, which type of products to manufacture, which markets to aim for, anything and everything was considered and ambitious expansion plans were made.

Even though there was no conflict of interest Richard decided to leave the family business in 1981 to go ahead and promote Indian granite internationally through well-known trade fairs, notably in Germany and Italy, with his own Anglo-Indian company Eurasian Enterprises initially based in Madras, now known as Chennai. This was a resounding success, high quality products made in India at very competitive prices, customers were delighted, some markets welcomed the competition, some markets would remain firmly closed for many years protected by their governments.

In 1993/4 we launched our first website, today we have quite a few and they're evolving, as customers' expectations do, into informative and usable tools whereby specifiers, tradespeople and the public can learn about our materials and products. We don't publish prices on our sites quite simply because everyone's enquiry is unique. is a completely new website designed to specifically promote the many different granites in the Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ongole areas which is now agreed to be the hub for Indian granites. We have our own staff and offices there, independent material inspectors are available plus direct contact via smartphones with those in daily touch with quarries and factories. The WWW has been wonderful for our industry, it has tightened supply lines, opened up communications with direct and affordable means of contact, helped us take to market new and exciting materials and products ... hmmm, maybe we are a technology company these days!

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