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Summer Yellow Granite 134

Yellowish/Grey/Brown/Red Banded Granite Image

Yellowish/Grey/Brown/Red Banded Granite Image Yellowish/Grey/Brown/Red Banded Granite Image

Block No: SSE134 Summer Yellow Granite

Quality: First Choice

Surface Finish: Polished One Face, Reverse Side Gang Sawn

Colour Enhanced: No

Epoxy Resin Applied: Yes

No. Of Slabs: 34 x 2cm

Gross Size: 350cm x 200cm (137.8" x 78.7")

Approximate Quantity: 238.000 M2 (2,561.832 SFT)

Approximate Weight: 14,280 KGS

Quarry Location: Summer Yellow granite is quarried near Tiruttangal, Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, India. The colour and veining variation of this granite is very wide. There are several quarries of Summer Yellow granite, a small sample is not representative of the whole slab.

Synonyms: Giallo Shivakasi, Ivori Brown, Summer Yellow, Ivorybraun, Ivory Brown, Ivory Braun, Schivakasch, Shiva Kashi, Shiva Yellow, Shivakashi, Shivakashi Yellow, Shivakashy, Shivakasi, Shivakasi Yellow, Shiwa Kashi, Shiwakashi, Siva Kasi, Sivakashi, Sivakashi Yellow, Sivakasi Yellow

Granite Type: Generic Granite, EU Specific Granulite

Usage: Summer Yellow granite can be used for external & internal cladding, countertops/worktops, bathroom vanities, indoor & outdoor flooring/paving.

Sealing: Test Summer Yellow granite with a small sample for countertop use. It is most probable that a sealant can be used on this granite.

CE Marking Of Natural Stone

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