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2cm: US Dollar 00.00 Square Metre F.O.B. Chennai, India

3cm: US Dollar 00.00 Square Metre F.O.B. Chennai, India

Block No: 3035 Black Galaxy Granite (Several Blocks Available)

Quality: Standard Choice

Surface Finish: Polished One Face, Reverse Side Gang Sawn

Colour Enhanced: Ager

Epoxy Resin Applied: Yes

No. Of Slabs: 50 x 3cm, 75 x 2cm

Gross Size: 270 - 325 cm x 170 - 200 cm (106" - 128" x 67" - 79")

Approximate Quantity: 3cm Up to 300.00 M2 (3,230.00 SFT)

Approximate Quantity: 2cm Up to 450.00 M2 (4,840.00 SFT)

Approximate Weight: 27,000 KGS (Where allowed)

Quarry Location: Black Galaxy granite is from a sheet bedrock quarry Cheemakurti, Bodawada, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh, Southern India.

Synonyms: Black Ametist, Black Ametista, Black Amethyst, Black Amethysta, Black and Gold, Black Galaxi, Black Galaxy Granite, Black Gold Sands, GA 902, Galaxi Black, Galaxy Black, Galaxy Gold, Galaxy Star, Nero Ametista, Nero Galassia, Nero Galaxy, Nero Star Galaxi, Nero Black Galaxy, Star Galaxi, Black Galaxy Black, Black Galaxy Granite, Star Gallaxy, WG203.

Granite Type: Generic Granite, EU Specific Gabbro

Usage: Black Galaxy Granite can be used for external & internal cladding, countertops/worktops, bathroom vanities, indoor & outdoor flooring/paving.

Sealing: Test Black Galaxy Granite granite with a small sample for countertop use. It is most probable that a sealant cannot be used on this granite.

CE Marking Of Natural Stone

Contractors can be responsible for the accuracy of the data, to learn more about this directive please read here.

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